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At Grove Coffee & Cafe, we proudly serve the classic Caffè Americano. This iconic beverage is made by pouring a shot of rich espresso into hot water, producing a balanced and flavorful drink. Our Americano is prepared with a 1:3 to 1:4 ratio, ensuring that the full-bodied taste of espresso shines through without overwhelming the drinker's palate. Sip on a cup of our Americano and experience the complexity and depth of quality UP roasted coffee like never before. Come visit us at Garden Grove Retreat and indulge in our freshly brewed Americano today.

Caffe Americano | Grove Coffee & Cafe

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • January - March

    Friday 7am - 11am

    Saturday 8am - 11am

    Sunday 8am - 11am

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