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Keep it Local


We've got you covered! Enjoy hearty American fare or a light bar menu all within minutes of Garden Grove Retreat!

Some locations are seasonal. Please call ahead for hours of operation.


The Dock Bar & Grill

Tiki Bar on Garden Bay with spectacular sunset views. Light bar menu.

1 walkable mile from Garden Grove Retreat.

Seasonal hours - call ahead

(906) 644-3000

15600 17th Rd, Garden, MI 49835

The Port Bar

Popular local bar and eatery near Fayette State Park.

10 miles south of Garden Grove Retreat.

Famous Friday fish fry.

4424 II Ln, Garden, MI 49835


The Nahma Inn

An iconic inn known for great bands and outdoor gatherings. All American dining.

18 miles from Garden Grove Retreat.

(906) 644-2486

13747 Main St, Nahma, MI 49864

Big Spring Tavern

Original tap house of Manistique serving delicious lunch and dinners, and featuring 26 beers on tap.

23 miles from Garden Grove Retreat.

(906) 644-2506

1263N State Highway M149, Manistique, MI

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