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Our Local Ghost Town

Visit Fayette State Park and see why Garden Peninsula history is worth saving. You'll want to spend at least a couple hours at the park. Start at the Welcome Center and view the tiny model of the town to see what it looked like back in the 1800's. While you're there, shop the gift store and enjoy a scoop of Jilbert's ice cream.

The Ghost Town is at the bottom of a long hill. Take your time exploring and read the signs to learn more about the process for pig iron, the 2-story outhouse at the hotel, and Lover's Lane. Snail Shell Harbor has all new moorings and is a great place to fish. There is also a cemetery to explore and a cliff walk with incredible views of Fayette Historical Townsite and Snail Shell Harbor.

The historic ghost town is only 10 miles south of Garden Grove Retreat. With cross country skiing at the park once the snow falls, it's a great place to visit and enjoy all year long.

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