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Eben Ice Caves - A Winter Spectacle

Don't miss a day trip to these incredible ice caves located in Rock River Township about an hour's drive from Garden Grove Retreat. The spectacle of water dripping down a cliff and forming an ice cave that you can explore is a bucket-list item for all adventurers! Amazing colors and shapes fill this crystal cavern, making a fabulous backdrop for your selfie collection. The ice caves are best witnessed in January, February, and March, so don't delay making your plans to catch this incredible sight before the spring thaw melts it away!

The Eben Ice Caves are a must-see winter attraction in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Plan to park and walk about one mile to this natural wonder. While there is a well-worn path created by many tourists visiting the attraction, you may want to bring snowshoes in case of a fresh snowfall or wear cleats in case of ice.

Grab a sandwich from MiniMart so you don't get hungry on the way, or stop at Tylene's Restaurant for a hot brunch before you go.

Book your stay at Garden Grove Retreat for your visit to the Eben Ice Caves this winter. Call 231-622-5026 to book your stay, or book online.

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